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est. 1998

RunningOutOfSpace is an independent, underground art+design studio. It is owned and operated by MoMo, aka Mo Squared

 MoMo is a Chicago-born, San Diego-based American Contemporary Visual Artist and Sound Designer with a passion for underground art. In 1994, he left Chicago and travelled the world for over 24 years, living in on both the East and West Coast of America, leaving for Europe in 2003 where he spent a total of 10 years, over a period 14 years where he called San Diego his home. He now serves as the primary selector, collector, tastemaker, and purveyor for $¥£€, a future series of underground imprints and experiences under the umbrella of Mo²® which officially does business as RunningOutOfSpace™. He digs, trades, creates, curates, and collaborates, on a global level, to provide some of the best selections and events being made, found, and played around the world.


™   ("MoMo") 



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("Mo Squared")  [Legal Entity]  




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($¥£€™)    [Alias / Parent Imprint]  


[2D] Graphic + Print  (Digital Illustration/Print+Packaging, Promotional and Marketing Design)

[3D]  Mixed Media Composition  (Motion/VFX+Immersive Visual Art+Sound Design) 

[4D]  Industrial Design  (Art + Design + Science = Magic)

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 As an independent creative professional, MoMo aims to introduce forward-thinking solutions that visually interpret current desires and solve the design needs to realize the future growth of artisan, specialty, and iconic brands. He offers unique artistic solutions to brand storytelling in the modern world, where aesthetic individuality positions great design as the art and magic behind the science of what makes a great product or event valuable to discerning customers. He aims to push the boundaries and expectations of underground design culture, crafting and cultivating a realistic future vision to share through a fusion of digital, physical, and extended reality engineering.