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   Independent designer, MoMo, aka Mo Squared, is a Chicago-born, San Diego-based contemporary artist who started with a nontraditional foundation in digital illustration and electronic music production. His passion as a fan and avid collector of underground art (graphic prints, art toys, designer collectibles, and rare vinyl) inspired him to professionalize himself through academics and he is on his way to becoming an multidisciplinary visual artist, mixed media composer, and industrial designer aiming to realize his 2D abstract concepts as 3D concrete visions of the future. In the meantime, he readies $¥£€, his future imprint which showcases his interest in exploring visual art+modern printing+material composition to aesthetically match collector-edition underground audio compositions in hardcopy format (vinyl only).  It's just one of a few things that he planned to do in his life.

(Mo Squared™)    [Legal Entity]  

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est. 1998

In 2019, MoMo registered "Mo Squared, LLC" as his legal entity which officially does business as RunningOutOfSpace(the nickname of his private studio). He is the primary selector, collector, tastemaker, and purveyor overseeing his ▼▲(Vaporware Abstracts) series of designs and commercial releases baring four markings: his $₮¥£€ tag, his Mo²® registered trademark, the runningoutofspace.com QR code, and his MoMo diamond watermark.  He curates a handful of sub-labels and series including BAK3D FRESH, MunchiesÆtherial, Infectious Grooves, and Electronic-Music.Boutique.

MoMo possesses an undergraduate academic foundation in graphic design, specializing in digital illustration, experimental motion+print design for promotional and marketing innovations. He also has formal certificate training in electronic music production and sound design. He is currently investing in his future through ongoing higher education milestones to progress from graphic design to mixed media composition to Industrial Design.

[2D] Graphic + Print  (Digital Illustration/Print+Packaging, Promotional and Marketing Design)

[3D]  Mixed Media Composition  (Motion/VFX+Immersive Visual Art+Sound Design) 

[4D]  Industrial Design  (Art + Design + Science = Magic)

 As an independent creative professional, MoMo aims to introduce forward-thinking solutions that visually interpret current desires and solve the design needs to realize the future growth of artisan, specialty, and iconic brands. He offers unique artistic solutions to brand storytelling in the modern world, where aesthetic individuality positions great design as the art and magic behind the science of what makes a great product or event valuable to discerning customers. He aims to push the boundaries and expectations of underground design culture, crafting and cultivating a realistic future vision to share through a fusion of digital, physical, and extended reality engineering.

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