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RunningOutOfSpace™ is an independent, underground 'Art+Design' studio based in San Diego, California. It is owned and operated by MoMo™, a Chicago-born, Europe-trained interdisciplinary Artist and Electronic Musician who works professionally as Mo²®  ("Mo Squared") and also serves as the primary Selector, Collector, Tastemaker, and Purveyor... He creates and collaborates on a global level, to provide some of the best selections and experiences being made, discovered, and shared around the world.  

      2020 Projects:

         [Not On Label]™  ✶✶✶✶ | $₮¥£€™  | 1989™  | △+▶ | ▼▲™  Baked FRESH™  |

Electronic-Music.Boutique™  | International-Style™ | Only On WAX | 

P[AR]TIES™  | RunningOutOfSpace™  SotA™  | Underdog Kitchen™  

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