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RunningOutOfSpace is an independent, underground Art+Design studio that currently specializes in designs for underground dance music. It is owned and operated by MoMo™  (AKA "Mo Squared"; further stylized as Mo²®), the Chicago-born, Europe-trained, San Diego-based interdisciplinary Artist and Electronic Musician who works professionally under the artistic tag: " $₮¥£€™ ".


Under $₮¥£€™ "MoMo serves as RunningOutOfSpace's primary Selector, Collector, Tastemaker, and Purveyor. He digs, trades, creates, and collaborates globally to provide esoteric selections from an evolving eclectic collection of contemporary underground creations

being made, found, and played around the world. 


1989™  ▼▲™ 

                                    Fantasy League

Baked FRESH : Munchies™  


                         Only On WAX™  



Electronic-Music.Boutique™ P.A.R.T.I.E.S.

Infectious Grooves™  ANTIVIRUS[]

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