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Independent, underground Art + Design

      Based in San Diego, California, RunningOutOfSpace™ is the private studio of MoMo™, an American interdisciplinary Artist and Electronic Musician.  Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, MoMo™ left his hometown during the first-half of the last decade before the current millennium and has spent over 25 years traveling around the world.  In 2017, MoMo™ returned to Southern California after a total of ten years living abroad (7 years in London, Great Britain, UK and 3 years in Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna, Northern Italy, EU) and founded "Mo²® (Mo Squared LLC)" in 2019 as an independent Art + Design company which is registered to do business 

as "RunningOutOfSpace".  MoMo™ serves as Creative Director for Mo²® and oversees the following commercial projects/underground series as RunningOutOfSpace's 

primary Selector, Collector, Tastemaker, and Purveyor:

 [Not On Label]  




A + D™


Baked FRESH™


Only On WAX 



Underdog Kitchen™

◢◣    ◢◣  


   All of the above are organizational subdivisions formed to 

materialize both concrete and abstract ideas into right-sized productions under the following categories:


Goods (Registered original product, licensed reproductions/alt. versions)


Limited Editions

Vinyl Records (Original copies of recorded media in physical-format; licensed reissues/alternative versions)

Art + Design Collectibles (Original artwork, Graphic Prints, Designer Toys, apparel/accessories, and misc. things)

Promotional Content/Engagement

Digital Content (Edits and mixtapes)

Pop-up (Vinyl/Art+Design/Collectibles/Misc.)

     Installations (Immersive Environments/Public Displays)

Experiences (Parties and Special Events)





Sound Design

Selector (Digging, trading, creating, and collaborating on a global level to soundtrack scenes and control dance floors with "must-be-heard" selections from the collection, to provide some of the best sounds being made, found, and played around the world)


Graphic Design

Imagineer  (Interdisciplinary artistic realization of concepts into production-ready design; Customization and (re)interpretation to reimagine the overall look, feel, and/or impact of unique projects, products, and experiences)