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est. 1998

RunningOutOfSpace™ is the underground Art+Design studio of Mo****** ("MoMo") Mo****, aka Mo Squared™. After a career in ******** administration, MoMo veered from a Business Administration degree into studying Graphic Design to follow his passion for underground art and vinyl records. He currently specializes in digital+print illustration and is currently pursuing an Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts Major (ICAM) with an emphasis on Mixed Media Composition, and further ambition to complete post-graduate study in Industrial Design. 

™   ("MoMo") 



("Mo Squared")  [Legal Entity]  

Born and raised in the South suburbs of Chicago, MoMo is an aspiring African American Creative... Art,  Music, Design, Culinary, he's Dreamer currently focusing on

personal and professional development through academics, independent research, and light manufacturing. 

After high school, MoMo independently attended Columbia College Chicago, seeking a Computer-Aided Design degree and a minor in Recording Arts. However, before he withdrew from Columbia after funding dried-up and opted to serve his country as a way to pay for college. Along the way, he built a career that took him around the world, eventually living between London, England and San Diego, CA for 20 years while slowly evolving from an avid record Collector to a Selector who officially surfaced as "RunningOutOfSpace" as the Top Pic in UK DJ Magazine's monthly Pic'n'mix contest (issue 4/38).

 In 2010, MoMo moved back to London and started exploring DJ technology, eventually earning an opportunity to do a demo video for Allen & Heath's XONE: DB4 DJ mixer and XONE: K2 controllers as "tips and tricks." A few months later, he started creating promo 

mixes reshared by Allen & Heath and began fixated on developing his series's graphic design. It was during this time that he took an interest in pursuing graphic design and came up with the artist name "$¥£€™" as an alias for what would become the future underground imprint that he currently curates as a brand while serving as its primary selector, collector, tastemaker, and purveyor. He digs, trades, creates and collaborates globally to provide some of the most unique contemporary and experimental underground recordings being made, found, and played around the world. 

As an independent creative, MoMo aims to introduce forward-thinking solutions that visually interpret current desires and solve the design needs to realize the future growth of collectible and consumable art. He offers unique artistic solutions to brand storytelling in the modern world, where aesthetic individuality positions great design as the art and science behind the magic of what makes a great product or personal experience valuable to discerning customers. He aims to push the boundaries and expectations of underground design culture, crafting future visions and cultivating modern products that go far beyond current design trends and screens. 

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