Official website for MoMo, a Europe-based American Selector, Tastemaker, and Purveyor of quality music from the international underground scene.   

 MoMo began his musical career researching the tracks heard as a party-goer during the 1st Wave of Chicago House. After high school, he began collecting records and learned how to DJ while attending college in Chicago. In 1993 he began collecting musical instruments, studio equipment, and software while traveling the world, learning music production and creating runningoutofspace, his home studio, Copyright holder for recordings pressed under the [Not on Label] Vinyl-only series such as $₮¥£€, and ultimately an alter-ego for the team of machines involved in the "Master Of Machine Orchestra (M.O.M.O.)" concept that is constantly being developed and field-tested as unreleased recordings/experiments played within his DJ sets. 

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